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Your safety is in our experienced hands.

The SkelScaff team are the reason why we continue to offer the best scaffolding services in Wollongong. With safety serving as the guiding force behind our operation, we offer our expert scaffold hire/rental services with a solid industry reputation to match.

Whether large-scale projects, or small scaffolding duties, we ensure compliance by following requirements from Safe Work NSW. With experience ranging from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, award-winning architectural masterpieces to heritage-listed buildings and multi-story construction, our knowledgeable team of scaffolders showcase experience and timely completion with every project.


Why Choose SkelScaff for Scaffolds in Wollongong?

Because You Deserve the Best Quality

With the well-trained and fully qualified Skelscaff staff at your disposal, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your scaffolding assembly, maintenance, and removal are done correctly with a professional touch.

Because Great Work Should Come with Great Care

We care about every customer, which is why superb customer service is important to us as well. At Skelscaff, we answer and return calls in a timely fashion with friendliness and top-notch problem-solving skills. Our local location contributes to our impressive speediness.

Because Locals Know Best

When trusting a company to provide scaffolding solutions, why look anywhere other than your own backyard? SkelScaff employs staff locally, working directly with business owners for a personalised experience.

Because Experience Matters

From residential properties to large scale projects, our team has years of experience, satisfied customers to match, and unlimited access to the proper scaffold equipment you need to complete the job.

Because You Need To Meet Deadlines

Here at Skelscaff, we ensure the work is done properly the first time. With meticulous planning, we set up scaffolding on time, the first time. Once the job is complete, we’ll take down the scaffolds within a short amount of time.

Tired of searching for a scaffolding company you can trust? Remove the guesswork and partner with Skelscaff, the number one choice for scaffolding hire in Wollongong and the South Coast.

Give us a call on 1300 266 607 to find out more about our scaffold hire and rental services.

Need Mobile Scaffolding Hire in Wollongong or Sydney?

Need assistance with those hard-to-reach areas? Dealing with high indoor ceilings with a ladder that won’t reach? In need of single or double-wide platform heights to get the job done? Whether Wollongong, Southern Sydney, or Shoalhaven, our mobile scaffolding for hire is ideal for many construction projects.

Retrieve our aluminium scaffold tower from your nearest Skelscaff branch – you can put it together yourself or allow our trained staff to deliver and assemble your mobile scaffolds. For a solution that combines affordability, portability, and security based on Australian Safety Standards, Skelscaff has you covered.

More About Mobile Scaffolding

Skelscaff Scaffolding Labour Hire

When dealing with scaffolding work, knowledge, professionalism, and reliability is important. Whether you need scaffold assembly, help with maintenance duties, or assistance with job completion, SkelScaff provides exceptional scaffolding labour hire.

From premium quality scaffolders and labourers who excel in professionalism, our team offers knowledgeable supervisors and project managers who understand the complexity of different projects.

From individual staff members to an entire team designed for scaffolding labour management, we help you complete your job in a cost-effective manner that will never compromise quality.

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Whether you’re at the beginning of a brand-new project, stuck in the middle or unsure of what the next step should be when working at heights, SkelScaff is ready to provide the scaffolding solutions you need.

With proven certifications, years of experience, and great care for the business, our fully trained team will even work in tandem with others to ensure the timely completion of your project.

We’ll gladly consult with you to fully understand your job scope and the direction needed. Rest assured, the SkelScaff team is prepared to assist with the scaffolding expertise you need.

Give us a call today and see why SkelScaff is the best and first choice for Wollongong scaffolding.