Scaffold Labour Hire in Wollongong & Sydney

Get the right people to help execute your scaffolding project.

SkelScaff provide qualified, experienced and reliable labour solutions. When you are in need of qualified scaffolders to erect and/or maintain your scaffold or just extra staff to get the job done.

Reliable scaffolding labour hire, SkelScaff can assist your business with individual staff, small crew of complete scaffold labour solutions.

With a fully qualified and trained staff having extensive experience in scaffolding assembly, maintenance and removal, we are fully capable and thoroughly equipped to lend a hand when needed.

If you’re looking for experienced scaffolders, labourers, supervisors or project managers, we are just the right people to call.

Our aim is to help you execute your project in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. We can assist your business with individual staff, small crew or complete scaffolding labour management.

SkelScaff employees are available for hire on residential, commercial and industrial scaffolding projects, be it in an advisory role, or full-on job execution.

Scaffold Labour Hire Sydney

  • Scaffolding Labourers
  • Basic and Intermediate Scaffolders
  • Advanced Scaffolders
  • Scaffolding Supervisors
  • Scaffolding Project Management
  • Plus, you keep your costs manageable, you can hire our staff either on a contract basis or at hourly rates.

    SkelScaff offers the above skills for either

  • Individual persons labour
  • Small crew hire
  • Complete scaffolding project coordination.

Our staff have undergone rigorous WHS training and adhere to stringent SkelScaff policies and procedures. We bring the same level of professionalism to every project–from a quick residential renovation to a major commercial construction.

You can be assured that with SkelScaff labour hire services, you will receive the most skilled and experienced staff to assist your business.

Any Individual or Company Can Utilise Our Services

Regardless if you’re starting a project, in the middle of one or are nearing completion, we are ready to assist. We’ll gladly complement other teams with our team of qualified scaffolders, labourers or supervisors to make sure you finish the job within your time table.

We Set the Standard

We guarantee that the best staff will work with you on any given project. Our staff are fully trained, hold the appropriate certifications and have the relevant experience that suit their respective responsibilities. They are fully aware and equipped to implement the SkelScaff safe work practices to ensure they comply with WHS.

Moreover, they go about their work on time and produce high quality output.

Plus, you’re sure that we can send teams when necessary.

May it be individuals, crews, or complete installation services on either hourly or fixed price contracts, we adjust according to your requirements.

Do you need staff the next day? Count on us because we don’t let our clients down.

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Hire an Accredited Work Force

Not only are our services fully insured, we also have the necessary accreditations and our SkelScaff staff has high risk work licenses

Ready When You Are

Give us a call or fill out our request form for a prompt response. Send us your labour requirements and we will offer a cost and time-effective solution.

Our Process

  • We will have a clear idea of your project scope and the location.
  • Then, we’ll recommend the labour hire team or individuals that would help you accomplish your task efficiently.
  • Get your order in the books.
  • Arrive at your location early and ready to work.
  • Complete the scaffold on time, to the highest standards and to your complete satisfaction.

Ready to begin? Contact us now and we’ll be right where you need us to be.

In a hurry? SkelScaff can have residential housing projects erected within 72 hours of first contact