Edge Protection Hire Sydney & Wollongong

Do you need to safely work at height? Hiring edge protection scaffolding is your first step to ensuring that your workers and everyone around the construction site are secure.

Our team of experienced professionals provides custom scaffold solutions and fall protection systems for all types of Gold Coast construction projects. They manage the entire hiring process from start to finish, saving your time and ensuring safework NSW safety compliance.

Ready to take your project to the next level? Try our edge protection system and scaffolding hire in Wollongong & Sydney and streamline your construction tasks today.

Our Edge Protection Equipment

We offer a wide range of height safety equipment and edge protection systems. Here are the most popular ones that will come in handy in your projects:

Guardrail scaffolding

Our guardrail system consists of modular scaffolding standards connected by guardrails serving as temporary edge protection or protective barriers from falls. They include toe boards to prevent material sliding off edges.

Safety screens

Mesh or solid flexible plastic screens attach to scaffolds creating enclosed walls around perimeters. They have access points fitted with self-closing gates.

Perimeter scaffold barriers

We create secure perimeter scaffolding along exposed areas and voids needing routine access. Includes temporary fencing, A class and B Class Hoardings

Containment sheeting

Debris netting, shade cloth or reinforced sheeting gets integrated to catch falling objects.

Other custom solutions

Do you have an unusual edge protection challenge working at heights? Our experienced teams design and install fully bespoke scaffolding solutions where standard options are unfeasible.

Why Choose Our Hire Services

At SkelScaff, we offer the best edge protection solutions and scaffolding services for all project sizes. Here is why you should choose us as your construction partner:

Superior safety

With years of hands-on scaffolding experience, our crews rigorously inspect structures every 3 weeks. We maintain high insurance and a zero reportable incident record.

Custom design and build

Our consultative process thoroughly identifies unique site risks to engineer fully custom plans for your workspace. Our extensively trained and certified scaffolders then build complex or simple edge protection scaffold structures using advanced systems depending on your needs.

Quality materials and gear

We invest in and source only high-grade materials from reputable brands for durability. All edge protection materials and scaffolding gear, from planks to ladders, is serviced and load-tested regularly, following a strict replacement protocol.

Responsive service and support

As a locally owned business, we have the capability to rapidly respond to emergency works whether you need temporary edge protection systems or full roof edge protection scaffold structures. Also, with our crews based in metro Sydney and Wollongong, you can enjoy flexible hire terms from daily rentals to long-term.

Ensure Edge protection Today!

Protect your elevated worksites and prevent tragic falls. Enquire now with our experts about tailored edge protection scaffold hire in Sydney and Wollongong.