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Do you have safety concerns about completing a job with difficult to access areas? At Skelscaff we have the aluminium and steel scaffold solutions suitable for your project. Whether working with simple home repairs or the renovation of your commercial property, our aluminium and steel scaffold serves as a safe, lightweight, and budget-friendly alternative for accessing those projects with high elevation. Not only is the aluminium scaffold perfect for outdoor projects, such as roofing, but it’s also suitable for indoor projects as well.

With Skelscaff aluminium scaffold hire, you’ll find our scaffold is lightweight, and fits inside a single cab ute or a standard trailer. Home renovators and builders alike will both appreciate it’s easy to use setup and design.

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Hiring aluminium scaffolding from SkelScaff is the perfect solution for those hard to reach places without having to risk using a ladder or traditional heavy-duty steel scaffold system such as Kwik stage or cuplock. When working at heights, aluminium scaffold tower provides a lightweight stable, safe and affordable access platform to stand on. Suitable for both commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor applications including painting, home repairs, roofing and plumbing.

Above all aluminium scaffolds are lightweight and portable. SkelScaff mobile scaffolding can easily fit in a single cab ute or on a standard trailer making them ideal for the home renovator and builders alike. A 5m working platform double width aluminium scaffold only weighs a total of 220kg whilst a single width at the same height weights a total 150kg.

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With Skelscaff aluminium scaffold hire services, you can complete your project with safety and simplicity. Fitting for festivals and public events, as well as home renovations or commercial development, allow our team to focus on the difficult aspects so you won’t have to.

The well-trained Skelscaff team operates in full compliance with ASNZ standards, as well as Safe Work NSW requirements, regarding equipment and labour, for safe and timely completion of a job.

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Why Choose SkelScaff for Scaffold Hire and Labour?

Our scaffolding services cover the full scope of your job requirements. Begin working with the Skelscaff team today and enjoy access to the following benefits with our partnership:

Steel and Aluminium Scaffold Design and Planning

With knowledgeable and trustworthy scaffold design and planning at your fingertips, you don’t need to worry about scaffold collapse or worker injury.

Aluminium Scaffolding and Equipment Hire

We’re responsible for all aspects surrounding aluminium scaffolding and equipment hire. Simply tell us what you need, and if you’re unsure, we’ll gladly assess the situation. Enjoy the use of our full range of scaffolding accessories.

Scaffold Delivery

The Skelscaff team will deliver your scaffold in a safe and timely manner to and from the job site.

Reliable Scaffolders

Our Skelscaff scaffolders showcase years of experience, credibility and certifications for scaffold erection and dismantlement delivered with skilful execution.

Quality Customer Service

We love our customers and acknowledge we wouldn’t be in business without them. This is why at Skelscaff, we place our customers at the forefront of our operations.

Our scaffolding services cover the full scope of your job requirements. Begin working with the Skelscaff team today and enjoy access to the following benefits with our partnership:

In a hurry? SkelScaff can have residential housing projects erected within 72 hours of first contact


Aluminium Scaffold Hire in Wollongong, Ulladula, Cronulla, and Campbelltown

Ready to hire scaffolding equipment? From ladders and towers to mobile scaffolds and access assistance, our team has all your scaffold hire needs fully covered. No matter your location or job type our equipment is fitting for the completion of any project.

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How Do I Know If I Need Scaffold?

Will your project take you to heights above 3 meters? Working with steel or aluminium scaffold is highly recommended when working on high projects. If you want to be legally compliant with NSW Safe Work requirements, choosing to work with scaffold is your best option. Here’s a few reasons how you can benefit from scaffold use:


If you’re looking for equipment for elevation that’s fitting for a wide variety of jobs, steel or aluminium scaffolds are perfect for roofers, painters, property managers, bricklayers, and even sound and lighting technicians.


Access roofs and gutters without fear of a tipping ladder. For reliable height safety and stability as you manoeuvre around those hard-to-reach places, scaffolding is ideal.


Worrying about the safety of a job as you try to complete it can be a nightmare. With steel or aluminium scaffold hire, you’ll improve the efficiency of your chosen workers as they spend more time focusing on the actual ins and outs of your project.

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With Skelscaff scaffold hire services our quotes are clear and precise — when you trust our company for aluminium scaffold hire, you’re aware of pricing up front with no hidden fees.

Pay for only the scaffold services you require with the ability to extend your rental contract at any time. With our equipment, enjoy competitive pricing and access to your scaffolding at any location and to meet any deadline.

Our superior quality steel scaffold equipment, presented with the Kwik stage name brand, is carefully manufactured to abide by Australian standards AS1576. Choose from our unmatched selection of ladders, support towers, mobile scaffolds, and more.

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