Are you lacking the equipment or expertise to erect your own aluminium towers? No worries – this is where Skelscaff excels. With temporary mobile scaffold equipment hire, access high ceilings and tall structures without the pressure of having to self-assemble. Enjoy simple portability delivered by Wollongong’s most trusted and reputable mobile scaffolding company.

Our vast range of working platform heights are available in single and double width varieties. Pick up your selection from your nearest Skelscaff branch for self-assembly or allow us to deliver and build your mobile scaffold tower rental with our own qualified Scaffolders for your convenience.

Types of Mobile Scaffold for Hire

From single width 710mm platforms to double-width 1300mm options, our mobile towers are fitting for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose between towers ranging from 2-6 meters high for the safe completion of your project. Not quite sure which is appropriate for your construction project? The following information can help you decide:

Single Width Aluminium Scaffold

Ideal for narrow areas that are difficult to access

Only 710 mm wide

Fits easily in most areas

Equipped with outriggers for additional base width and stability

Double Width Aluminium Scaffold

Ideal for large, open spaces

Provides additional working platform space

Alloy tower has a wider base

Offers more stability for higher projects

At Skelscaff, we keep mobile scaffold hire simple and painless. As you partner with our team for your mobile scaffolding needs, you’ll also have heavy duty, 8-inch caster wheels, ladders, and access hatches in the working decks for your convenience and ease of use.

We carefully inspect all portable towers, so you experience the safest, most reliable height access equipment while working on your construction project. Refer to our easy-to-read instruction manual or reach out to our experts directly if you have any questions about the assembly of your mobile scaffold rental.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Heavy Duty

With working platforms that excel in security, safety is never an issue.


Our mobile towers are easy to transport and manoeuvre, even once it’s been built. Wheels will allow you to conveniently move the scaffolding equipment around the construction site without having to dismantle and rebuild.


Our equipment is compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1576.1:1995. Our mobile tower scaffolding equipment work in tandem with the required standard for all equipment, including bracing, toe boards, and double guardrails as well.


Made with ALLOY 6005 aluminium, rest assured our mobile towers can withstand any outside elements. This non-corrosive, non-ferrous metal makes the scaffolding towers a great investment and perfect for outdoor construction sites.


Equipped with a sturdy working platform and easy mobility, our scaffold towers are even perfect for uneven ground. Workers can build our scaffolding equipment safely without placement concerns.


Our mobile scaffold towers are inspected to avoid the risk of collapse or injury. If a fall can occur at 4 meters or higher from the working platform, guidelines require inspection immediately after assembly and every 28 days thereafter.


With extra space on your scaffolding, your team will be able to complete your project faster without having to carry equipment or tools back and forth on the job site. Ensure your project excels in safety by keeping workers from manoeuvring up and down ladders with heavy, bulky equipment.

I’m Interested in Mobile Scaffold Hire

What Comes With My Mobile Scaffold Rental?

As your trusted equipment hire company, Skelscaff provides access to the following equipment along with your mobile scaffold tower:

  • Ladder Frame - 2.0m
  • Ladder Frame - 1.6m
  • Ladder Frame - 1.2m
  • Guard Rail Frame - 1.0m
  • Diagonal Braces -- 2620mm
  • Bottom Brace -- 2791mm
  • Horizontal Braces -- 2495mm x 6
  • Skidproof Deck (with hatch)
  • Skidproof Deck (without hatch)
  • 8-inch Adjustable Caster (with thread stem)
  • Aluminium Frame Wooden Toe Board
  • Extension Ladder with Bracket
  • Extensional Stabilizer (with flat head feet)

Can I Assemble the Mobile Scaffold Tower Myself?

In short, the answer depends on the height of the tower. For example, if you’re working on a project indoors and the height of the tower happens to be less than 4 meters tall, then yes. Assembly for an indoor tower is acceptable in this instance because you don’t need a current HRW Licence, or Scaffold Ticket.

On the contrary, if the working platform height of your mobile aluminium scaffold tower measures more than 4 meters tall, then you’ll need a current HRW license to remain in compliance with Safe Works NSW requirements for safety purposes.

The Safe Works NSW guidelines state that

  • Single width scaffold towers should not be higher than a 2:1 height to minimum base width ratio.
  • Double width mobile scaffolds must have a height to minimum base width ratio of at least 3:1.

Skelscaff takes pride in providing such a vast range of mobile scaffolding options suitable for any individual or industry. We offer a diverse range of equipment hire for construction and other projects at reasonable prices (subject to GST). With versatility and affordability at the forefront, you can conveniently access both single and double width scaffold options with ease.

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