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The SkelScaff Family

At SkelScaff, we take great pride in knowing our team are some of the most knowledgeable scaffolders in the country. With years of training and earned certifications to show, our elite class of scaffolders can construct any scaffold effortlessly and within deadlines.
Allow our expert management team to collaborate with you for unmatched leadership and the successful completion of your project. With our hired scaffold labour, you’ll appreciate that each member of our team works cautiously and with great care no matter the project size.
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Why is SkelScaff the Best Scaffolding Company in Wollongong and Surrounding Areas?
Simply put, our experience speaks volumes. With successful scaffold construction completed for:

  • Award-winning architectural masterpieces
  • Heritage-listed buildings
  • Opulent multi-story complexes
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The well-trained SkelScaff team is more than capable of properly managing scaffolding projects of any size. From civil works and residential developments to commercial high-rises and specialty event scaffolding, our workers are prepared to deliver impressive results.

  • Long-Term Employer– At SkelScaff, our team is our family. Rather than using various subcontractors and scaffolders from Sydney, we employ our own scaffolders. We have years of experience and are confident in our ability to provide the scaffolding expertise you need.
  • Because Local Matters– Our scaffolders and labourers are local Wollongong and South Coast residents, ensuring timely arrival and completion of your project.
  • Friendly Services– Our clients are not just a number, but the backbone of our business. This is why we’re sure to deliver our scaffolding services with friendliness and full transparency.

Why Work with SkelScaff for Professional Scaffolding Hire Services?

With so many scaffolding companies to choose from, why choose SkelScaff? As you power through your major project, you deserve to have access to the following with trustworthy scaffolding services:

Premium Quality Materials

All supplies and equipment provided by SkelScaff are of the best quality. All materials will arrive in good working order.

Access to Real Experts

Our scaffold for hire comes along with skilled labourers showcasing years of scaffold erection experience. With our qualified management, alleviate stress and avoid spending unnecessary funds trying to sort through potential workers to hire your own team.

Cost Effective

Save yourself money from having to potentially purchase a scaffold that you only plan to use once. With SkelScaff scaffold rental, allow us to worry about the long-term maintenance and cleaning of our equipment. Keep your financial resources free for other aspects of project completion as we handle all aspects of scaffolding.

Safety and Security

Our steel and aluminum scaffolding solutions literally place worker safety on a pedestal. By choosing to partner with our trusted scaffold rental firm, our educated team of experts will ensure the safe design and erection of your scaffold. We also carefully monitor any construction materials, equipment, personnel, and machinery related to your project to avoid potential hazards.

Liability Reduction

With any construction project, liability concerns are typically at the forefront during the strategic planning phase. Reduce your risk of hurt workers, potential accidents, or property damage with our scaffolding. Lower your possibility of exposure to liability by trusting a team of experts to finish the job.

The SkelScaff Family is Here with Trustworthy Scaffolding Services

Instead of trusting a ladder to provide the height access you need, invest in scaffold rental to provide your team with safe and stable working platforms. Worry less about high wall access and ceilings which are out of normal reach with SkelScaff professional scaffolding. We’ll gladly provide you with the height and working platform you need to complete any pending project.

We’ll even disassemble the aluminum scaffold tower after construction is complete. Allow our team to follow through with the provision of our scaffolding expertise until the very end.

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