How Much Does Residential Scaffolding Cost?

April 21, 2023


Residential scaffolding is the temporary framework that goes up around the exterior or interior of a residential building. This is generally setup during construction, maintenance work, or renovations. Scaffolding provides a safe and stable working platform for workers to comfortably work at height for long periods. 

If your next project requires a safe working environment for your team to perform tasks at height, a residential scaffolding rental company can help you. With a professional scaffolding company on your side, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries occuring while protecting the building from damage during construction or maintenance work.  

Determining The Types of Residential Scaffolding 

Depending on the project, there’s a few types of scaffold you can use. In residential renovations or builds, you’ll often see the following: 

  • Fixed Scaffolding: Fixed scaffolding is permanently fixed to the building and is often used in projects that’ll last a long time. Fixed scaffolds aren’t great for jobs like painting or window repairs and tend to go hand-in-hand with more extensive renovations.  
  • Mobile Scaffolding: Mobile scaffolding is just what it sounds like; mobile. Often used in minor construction or renovation projects, you can quickly relocate mobile scaffolding to different areas as needed. This type of scaffold comes in various heights, and it often has wheels that fix into place when the scaffold platform is in use.  
  • Suspended Scaffolding: Suspended scaffold, often used to clean windows or paint high locations, is suspended from the ceiling. It’s standard to see this in residential renovations on high apartment buildings.  
  • Cantilever Scaffolding: If you don’t have access to the ground or other supports, cantilever scaffolding is a great option, as the building entirely supports it. This is generally used in higher residential buildings.  

Residential Scaffolding: The Costs 

The cost of residential scaffolding will vary depending on the kind of scaffolding you choose to use, the size of the project, and the rental or purchase options available to you. Costs can range from several thousand dollars, and because of this, you can see why knowing your budget is essential. 

Understanding the factors that influence scaffolding costs can help you better prepare for what you’ll spend. 

  • Types of Scaffolding: Costs vary for different types of scaffolding. Generally, suspended scaffolds are more expensive than mobile scaffolds as one is much easier to install or set up than the other.  
  • Project Size: Size is everything when it comes to scaffolding. The larger the project, the more structure you’ll need. Costs can fluctuate on higher projects due to the complexity of the project resulting in more expensive scaffold.  
  • Rental Duration: The longer you need your scaffold, the higher your rental fees will be. Don’t shy away from searching for the best rates, and remember, renting is almost always less expensive than paying to purchase the scaffold and you don’t have to find a place to store it.  
  • Location: Your costs will vary depending on the project’s location, how much your scaffold hire will cost to transport it, and the accessibility of the installation area.  
  • Labour: Labour costs are generally included in scaffold hire rates. This is because the complexity of setup requires professionals to put it together.  
  • Additional Features: Safety features, lighting, and weather protection are often add-ons that can affect how much you’ll have to pay to rent your scaffold. Factor in the quality and condition of the equipment you intend to rent, as newer, high-quality products could be more expensive when renting and purchasing. 

Hire scaffolding cost depends on the project’s specific needs and the type of scaffolding required. It’s essential to carefully consider the different options and factors involved when budgeting for your next project that requires scaffold. 

Renting vs. Purchasing 

It’s almost always less expensive to rent residential scaffolding than it is to purchase it outright. Again, this depends on the type of business you run or what you’re going to be using it for. Purchasing is expensive, and if you don’t use it frequently, it becomes challenging to justify the cost.  

Renting will allow you plenty of flexibility in terms of the length of time needed, and your rental costs should include any required maintenance while you have the scaffold in your possession. The final decision will always be about what you can afford and the project in question. 

Rent Your Scaffold with SkelScaff 

If you need residential scaffold hire in Wollongong, renting with SkelScaff can reduce cost when it comes to transportation, assembly, and maintenance of the scaffold for your next big (or small) project. We can consult with you regarding your needs and provide a general idea of what you can expect to pay when using our services.  

Renting scaffold is a big deal. You need a company dedicated to keeping you safe and helping you meet your project deadlines. Scaffolding rentals are fast, convenient, and incredibly flexible. Contact our team today, and we’ll help you find the perfect scaffolding for you!