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Are you looking for high quality, guaranteed safe scaffolding for your next renovation or construction project? SkelScaff are the number one provider of all your scaffolding needs in the Sydney area. Our team of fully qualified experts can transport, construct, inspect and consult on all your scaffolding requirements, regardless of whether it’s a large scale construction job or a home renovation. If your team is short of staff, we can also provide the skilled workers and project managers required to ensure your project runs safely and smoothly. Most importantly, we can help keep your job on budget and incident free. Contact us to discuss your scaffolding hire needs today. From small to major works, short or long-term projects; we deliver complete scaffolding solutions for various projects including residential, commercial and industrial.

Do you need materials and equipment delivered to your site in Sydney, Campbelltown or Sutherland Shire? Forklift and crane trucks are available to get your items delivered in no time. If you are concerned about the safety or reliability of your existing scaffold structure, we can help. Our team of scaffolding experts can conduct a thorough inspection and testing of your scaffolding. This is accompanied by a comprehensive report regarding safety and compliance issues and what can be done to correct them. We bring experience, expertise and knowledge to your residential and commercial projects. Our aim is for you to have a scaffold structure that is sturdy, reliable and conforms to all relevant safety standards. Our Sydney clients trust us to deliver 100% satisfactory service. So should you!

In a hurry? SkelScaff can have residential housing projects erected within 72 hours of first contact