Comparing Scaffolding Rental vs. Purchase: What’s More Cost-Effective?

April 21, 2023


Does your company need to use scaffolding on a regular basis? Should you rent or purchase? If you need help deciding which route to take, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of buying your supplies outright or working with a scaffold hire Wollongong company.

Generally, there are many reasons your business might choose to rent scaffolding. Not only is it cost-effective if you only need it for a one-time project, but you can easily choose the size and type that suits your needs.

This article will explore the pros and cons of renting or purchasing scaffolding for your next project! Let’s jump in.

Buying Your Scaffold Outright

First, we’ll talk about what it’s like to purchase scaffolding for your company. While most companies take the rental path, some will benefit from investing.

Purchase Pros

  • Savings: Buying scaffold outright can be more cost-effective than renting if your business uses it frequently or for long-term projects.
  • Convenience: Owning your scaffolding means your business will have it readily available whenever needed. If your company often needs scaffolding set up on a time crunch, purchasing it means you won’t have to spend time arranging for rentals or waiting for equipment to become available.
  • Customisation: A scaffolding purchase allows you to customise your scaffolding to fit
    your needs, including modifications to the scaffold’s height, shape, and width. However, it’s important to remember that these needs may change for you over time.
  • Investment Purposes: You can consider your scaffolding an investment over time, as it
    retains its value in the long run, and you can sell it if or when you no longer need it.

Purchase Cons

  • Initial Investment: When discussing whether to rent or buy scaffolding, it’s crucial to consider the upfront cost. A scaffolding purchase can be significant, and it might not make sense for smaller companies, mainly if you use it sparingly.
  • Maintenance: Your business will be entirely responsible for maintaining your scaffolding equipment and components, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Remember, maintenance will include ensuring your scaffold meets industry safety standards and regulations.
  • Storage: Scaffolding requires storage space, which can be challenging for some companies. If you have limited space, you’ll want to thoroughly evaluate where you intend to store your scaffolding when it’s not in use.
  • Safety Concerns: Does your business have the expertise to use and maintain your equipment correctly? If not, there’s a very high risk of accidents and injuries.

Renting Scaffolding for Your Business

Renting scaffold is a fantastic option for most businesses. Not only is scaffolding rental cost much lower than purchasing, but the cost of hiring experts is also affordable.

Rental Pros

  • Cost-Effective: If you don’t need your scaffold for an extended time and only use it for occasional projects, renting can be much more cost-effective than paying a large sum upfront. You’ll likely have to factor the scaffolding hire cost into your budget to receive a safe, professional installation.
  • Flexibility: Renting scaffolding will give your business plenty of flexibility regarding what type of scaffolding you need and tailoring it to a specific project. You can modify your scaffolding rental in ways suitable for your needs and work closely with the rental company if your plan changes in any way.
  • Safety: Renting scaffolding from a reputable supplier ensures your equipment will meet
    the necessary safety standards and is regularly maintained and inspected. This aspect alone can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and helps to ensure the safety of those working with your rented scaffolding.
  • Availability: Choosing to rent your scaffolding ensures your business can access the
    latest and most advanced equipment, some of which might not be available to purchase. You’ll find this especially important if you need specialised scaffolding for specific projects.
  • Storage and Maintenance: Scaffolding rentals eliminate the need to store or maintain
    your equipment, saving you space and majorly cutting the cost and effort of maintenance.

Rental Cons

  • Rental Costs: If you’re constantly renting scaffold, the hire cost can add up over time. Needing it frequently or for a long-term project can be expensive. How much does scaffolding rental cost? Rental costs can be anywhere from $2000 to start. If you need to rent multiple times it can cost you thousands of dollars over time.
  • Potential Delays: Though scaffolding is widely available, it may not be available when you need it. This could impact project deadlines. Limited customisation can also be an issue, but this depends on the rental company you choose to work with.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

When it comes to renting or buying scaffolding, the most cost-effective option will come down to how often your company needs to use it.

Most of our clients lack the room to store purchased scaffolding or don’t need it often enough to make an expensive investment. However, we also work with companies who regularly require scaffolding and find that renting is the best option due to the endless possibilities, flexibility, and ability to provide what they need promptly.

Renting and buying have both pros and cons, and we encourage you to weigh them against the needs of your project to determine the right path for you. Even if you use scaffolding consistently, you might find that renting works better for your requirements.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about scaffold hire Wollongong and how the process works. Reach out to SkelScaff today, and we can help you determine what path aligns with your business requirements. Call now!